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Starting your own blog? Here’s my advice to you

Are you planning to launch your blog soon? As it is commonly accepted that this is a challenge for companies and organizations, here are few things to consider for a good start.

Join Twitter

Twitter is the social media that serves the best to inform and share information in real-time with a wide audience. If you’re planning to launch a blog, join the platform and follow influencers on your favorite topics. This will allow you to find ideas for your own blog, and maybe also, people who would follow you with great interest.

Define your guidelines

The definition of editorial guidelines consists to think about the way you’re going to blog. It relates to your objectives, your target, the topics your blog will cover, how often you will write.

Organize yourself to blog regularly

Blogging is a time-consuming activity, it’s a well-known fact. Writing a thoughtful 450-words piece takes a least an hour. When you know you have to publish regularly on your blog to make it live, this means you will have to plan during your daily routine, specific moments devoted to writing. Another thing: Before you get started, you’ll have to prepare several blog posts, so that you always have a few ready for publishing.

Blogging is about sharing something unique

There are probably lots of blogs on the topics you are going to write about, and your target  probably knows them too. To have a chance to reach the goals you set for yourself, you will have to clearly show your difference from other blogs.

Blogging offers you the opportunity to share your expertise on a topic, through the writing of in-depth articles. You will attract a growing readership only by producing this original and high value-added content.

Multiply the incentives to comment

Comments of a blog article have a positive impact on its search engine ranking. They are also for the author the main way to interact with his or her readership. As a consequence, have the greatest respect for the readers who would express their opinions on your blog, and manage those who aren’t commenting, only trolling.

Share your posts on social media

When you launch your blog, your amount of readers will be close to zero. To give visibility to your posts, share them on social media. Share them several times, at a different moment of the week, to reach as many people as possible.

Don’t be obsessed with stats

Google Analytics or Matomo are often blogger’s best friends to evaluate their progress. While regular monitoring of key metrics is encouraged over time, don’t focus too much on it, at least right after the launch. And yes, the Pareto principle does apply here too: only 20% of your article will bring you 80% of your blog traffic.

Don’t be a perfectionist

Be realistic. Setting the bar too high can have consequences on your motivation. If you want to write often, and regularly, go to the essential and don’t spend more than 2-3 hours on average on writing and publishing.

Last, but not least: be patient

Writing a blog is a long-term undertaking, which requires a lot of time and energy. Don’t worry, though: If you can imagine having a blogging activity in the long term, you are likely to see your patience rewarded one day.

So, when do you start?

By Max Schleiffer

Digital entrepreneur from Europe. I have grown a marketing consultancy over the decade. Now, I explore new ways of working in the digital age.