Where to meet

Although I work remotely, I can occasionally propose to meet in person in the following locations.


As a hub for the advertising industry and marketing services, the City of Light has always been an important location for me, especially in its central districts, where many digital agencies and start-ups are based.

Spaces Les Halles
40 Rue du Louvre
75001 Paris


As a native of Alsace, I launched my first projects and had my first clients in the region. If it is widely known for its gastronomy and picturesque villages, the economy benefits from a diversified industry and a MedTech hub.

Quai N°10
12 Rue de la Division Leclerc
67000 Strasbourg


I team up with professionals in cities such as Basel, Biel, Neuchâtel, and Zurich. Switzerland is as well known for its industries as for its excellence of craftsmanship; in addition of its lush nature, mountains, and lakes.

Spaces Grosspeter Tower
21st floor, Grosspeteranlage 29
4052 Basel