How I can help

As a Fractional CMO, I see three distinct but complementary ways the companies and marketing teams I work with achieve their goals.

Strategic guidance

I provide my clients with insights and support to help them work better and faster: From digital strategy to implementation of actions through reviewing tools and resources inside the organization.

My guidance is also mindful of emerging issues around the digital economy, such as digital sufficiency or data protection.

My clients benefit from a proven track record spanning the entire customer journey in more than 20 industries, such as education, retail, services, hospitality & catering.

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Training & Mentoring

I can also put my experience at the service of my clients in personalized training or a highly individualized mentoring program.

The training allows learning specific skills in a limited scope, thanks to a program prepared in advance according to the expectations of one or several participants.

Mentoring allows taking the relationship beyond a one-time transfer of skills. On my mentee’s side, I deliver advice and feedback needed to reach their goal.

The philosophies of training and mentoring are different. But the ambition is the same: to allow clients to gain autonomy as quickly as wished.

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When my clients want to assemble a complete team of specialists around their projects, I put together teams of top freelancers who bring the best skills.

To reach and exceed these expectations, I gather the finest digital marketing and IT professionals beyond culture or language barriers. Then, I provide the supervision needed to ensure the outsourced project grows on a good foot.

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