I have been bringing my experience in marketing to entrepreneurs, decision-makers, heads of organizations for over a decade. To help them build sound marketing strategies and implement sustainable marketing practices.

What I do

Research & Product strategy

Finding and testing new growth levers that bear fruit.

Audit & Marketing strategy

Creating brand strategies that resonate with the public.

Privacy & Martech strategy

Designing secure, privacy-friendly ecosystems that work.

Rely on my expertise

My results are the fruit of a decade of experience in various sectors: high-tech, health, environment, education, wellness, tourism, culture, events, retail, design and architecture.

As a consultant, I have been proud to mentor more than 50 different projects, of all sizes, over periods ranging from several months to several years. I have partnered with local businesses as well as startups or mid-size companies. Worked with institutional bodies as well as professional associations or non-profits. More than a sector, it’s what a project brings at its scale that matters to me.

To learn more about my past experiences and see what I can do for you, contact me. I’m always happy to share and discover new projects!