As a marketing consultant, I’ve been offering my services for a decade, helping clients to stand out, from their positioning to their online presence.

What I do

The promotion of brands, companies, and non-profits, is the heart of my activities. I help my clients to develop and implement online strategies that allow them to increase their reach and retain new customers or members.

To achieve that, I mobilize strong skills in a broad area of expertise. I can answer questions like:

Does our solution adequately meet the expectations?
Does our organization address its audience correctly?
How to improve what we do to get better results?

You can find out more about my work experience, and check my certifications on Linkedin.


Market Research

I conduct research that dive into the ecosystem of your organization, its competitors, targets, and culture to find critical opportunities that can help to grow it.

Marketing Strategy

I help you optimize your strategy according to your goals, and I guide you through the implementation of your marketing campaigns.

Dedicated Training

Need to upskill your staff on the latest must-have growth marketing tactics? I make the complex seem simple with bespoke online training workshops for your team.

Marketing Growth

Do you want to get more traction for your product or service? Don’t wait any longer! Apply to be one of the happy few that I’m bringing to the highest level.

Rely on my expertise

My results are the fruits of long experience, in various industries: 50 references, and counting. Here are some companies and organizations I’ve had the privilege to work with.

You have a project, a question?
Feel free to leave me a message.