I have helped, for over a decade, entrepreneurs and decision-makers to achieve their goals.


​​My role is to answer the central tenets of sustainable marketing campaigns. Improving the carbon footprint of marketing budgets, designing privacy-first martech stacks, and implementing efficient strategies in an ultra-competitive landscape run by opaque algorithms.

Work Ethic

My clients appreciate that I make the most from limited resources with lots of creativity and that I anticipate their needs in a way that enables them to move faster. As well as my attention to detail, which enhances the overall quality of their project.


My proven track record covers the entire customer journey, spans 20+ industries such as tech, health, culture, environment, education, hospitality, public services, retail.

I have mentored over 50 different projects, ranging from a few months to several years. I have partnered with local businesses as well as startups or mid-size companies. Worked with institutional bodies as well as associations. More than a sector, it is what a project brings at its scale that matters to me.

Contact me

To learn more about my past experiences and see what I can do for you, contact me. I am always happy to share!