I have been bringing my experience in marketing to entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and heads of organizations for over a decade. To help them build sound marketing strategies and implement sustainable marketing practices.

1. My services

Product growth strategy

Understanding users and testing growth levers that pay off.

Digital marketing strategy

Creating brand strategies that resonate with the public.

Martech strategy

Designing secure, privacy-friendly ecosystems that work.

2. What my clients value

Consistent work ethic

Search for high efficiency

Making the most from limited resources with lots of creativity, know-how, and dedication.

Alignment with POs’ vision

Thinking beyond the short term to sustainable strategies that realize projects full potential.

Always-on proactivity

Anticipating needs across the whole scope so that everyone moves faster towards the goal.

Interdisciplinary background

Content marketing, paid marketing, influence marketing, conversion marketing, marketing automation, reputation marketing… My proven track record covers the entire customer journey and related topics such as integration with sales, customer service, or personal data management.

And that experience spans a wide range of fields and industries, including high-tech, health, environment, education, public services, culture, wellness, tourism, events, retail, design and architecture.

3. Working together

As a consultant, I have mentored more than 50 different projects, of all sizes, over periods ranging from several months to several years. I have partnered with local businesses as well as startups or mid-size companies. Worked with institutional bodies as well as professional associations or non-profits. More than a sector, it is what a project brings at its scale that matters to me.

To learn more about my past experiences and see what I can do for you, contact me. I am always happy to share and discover new projects!