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I offer remote consultancies to companies and professionals looking for strategic consulting or an upskilling on social media.

Strategic consulting

Modus Operandi

I have a studied approach to design and implement marketing campaigns on social media. Contents, marketing levers, community management policy, competitors… I conduct upstream research, take into account what already exists, think carefully about future actions to plan, know what to measure and what to ignore, to get communication evolve in the good way.

I generally work on a project for 3 to 6 months, most often in close collaboration with the company’s marketing department, to develop a meaningful strategy which will achieve various corporate objectives. The company then operate independently or continue to benefit from my services to build its presence on social media.

Cost and ROMO

Each project is unique, as a result, the cost is determined by the needs. My goal, through meaningful work, is to help companies achieve greater goals:

  • a stronger and sustainable presence,
  • a bigger and more engaged community,
  • a significant growth of organic visibility,
  • a significant drop in the cost per action of advertising campaigns,
  • a better tracking of online and offline conversions.


I also offer tailor-made training for specialists wishing to improve their social media marketing skills, increase their competitiveness or acquire a decisive competitive advantage.

Main features and benefits:

  • tailor-made program according to the needs,
  • industry-oriented solutions,
  • effective practical tips from case studies.

Need an expert at your side? Let’s talk about your project in a Skype session. I can then make a proposal that meets your expectations.

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