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Max Schleiffer

Entrepreneur, self-taught, digital marketing aficionado, my experience for more than a decade is reflecting the person I am : passionate, with an insatiable hunger to improve the environment in which I am working, to push the limits in all the areas in which I am dedicated. But, let me tell you how everything started…

Blogger & media publisher, when WP was less than 2 years ~ 2005

Everything starts for me the same than for many others. As an avid reader of tech news and observing participant of the internet post dot-com bubble, I decide to write my own articles to share my views and experience with a community, counting many other enthusiasts, that you can find on directories such as Mybloglog, Technorati or BlogCatalog. I’m the happy founder of tech blogs and online forums, created with WordPress and BBPress. Gaining popularity, I develop many partnerships and digital marketing operations with some brands (sponsored posts, sponsored contests, display advertising).

Social media manager, when Facebook had 150 million users ~ 2009

I become the first Social Media Manager of Actinium, a digital agency near Colmar, France. During this 18 months-experience, I’m mostly responsible of content creation, social media listening and social media management for the clients of this agency. At this time, social media are a new field of experimentation for brands, and I am as keen to evangelize the social media marketing as to professionalize its practice from a ROIist perspective.

Digital marketing consultant and teacher, when social media started booming ~ 2011

With a deep understanding of what should be digital marketing consulting for companies and brands, I create my own activity, and work for clients in France and abroad. My expertise in content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing are strong assets for brands looking for excellent talent, and aiming great results.

I have the pleasure to work with great agencies, I also have the trust from number of institutions and companies (mostly based in France, from the SMB to the large enterprise). I also teach digital marketing for a total of 400 hours in business schools and universities, including :

  • Caweb Master’s Degree, at the University of Strasbourg
  • CEN and MPMN Master’s degrees at the University of Upper-Alsace
  • Master’s degree of Digital Marketing, at EM Strasbourg School
  • Marketing Bachelor’s degree, at ISEG Strasbourg
  • DUT in Information and Communication, at IUT Robert Schuman
  • DUT (Technological University Degree) in Multimedia, at IUT of Haguenau

Digital entrepreneur, building the first post-uberization company ~ 2018

In my early thirties, after 10 years in digital marketing, I move to Kyiv to create a new business venture related to my long experience of freelance work, and my will to empower the freelancers (as well as the project owners) at the age of the gig economy, remote work and decentralized workplace. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to share my enthousiasm for this new journey on this blog… To not miss anything, you can subscribe to my posts!