About me

A look at who I am, my work ethic, technical expertise, and more.

Photo of Max Schleiffer
Max Schleiffer – Credits: Sanasha Chan

Who am I

My name is Max. I am in my thirties, married, and happy.

I am from Western Europe, more precisely from one of the few regions where three countries meet: Switzerland, Germany, and France, where I was born.

A digital nomad for a while, I visited 30 countries before settling in Kyiv. I stayed in Ukraine for four years, until February 2022 and its invasion by Russia.

For nearly 15 years, I have been immersed in the world of new technologies and digital, for which I feel a strong enthusiasm while keeping an open and critical eye.

To me, digital and information technology are essential tools for ambitious project owners. And I am committed to helping them make the most of it.

I have been offering my own services for over ten years and enjoy helping companies, associations or institutions to increase their visibility, awareness and engagement through digital transformation.

At the same time, I lead various entrepreneurial and associative projects that allow me to respond to specific issues in my field.

Outside of work, I have many passions and interests: I’ve been playing music since my youngest years. I’ve also been a strength athlete since adulthood… an insatiable reader & sci-fi enthusiast.

Besides that, I live car-free, work remotely, and consume locally as much as possible.

Work ethic

Over time, I have become convinced that what differentiates the best specialists in their field are the values they bring to their work.

As for me, I don’t put technology and its uses above all other considerations. I think it’s bound, most often, from its conception to the issues and views of our time.

Digital sufficiency is a fundamental aspect of my professional DNA. I value that anything digital should not be done at the expense of the environment or without considering its impact.

I also embrace resilient and future-proof solutions whose technical requirements do not impede long-term evolution and maintainability.

Finally, for me, digital transformation is a means to an end, not an end in itself: it must reduce friction, “pain points,” or the overall experience of the audience involved.

In my daily work, I strive to align every action with these values and share them with those around me. I also aspire to work with partners that share them.

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Associations I support

On a more personal level, I support various associations aiming to regulate digital, communication, and marketing activities in Germany, France, or Europe, such as NOYBCommunication et Démocratie, and Digitalcourage

If you are not (yet) familiar with them, I encourage you to check out their work. And, if you feel like it, support them by sharing their publications, donating, or volunteering.


Content marketing

I have solid expertise in creating and delivering relevant content to attract and retain clearly defined audiences. I have worked in content marketing for most of my career. My most significant projects have been developed for or with digital agencies, e-commerce, and post-secondary education.

Social media marketing

Building brand awareness by connecting with a target audience and managing its e-reputation among a specific community is one of the first talents I developed. I have worked on social media campaigns with digital agencies, startups, e-commerce, local institutions, brick-and-mortar business, and restaurants.

Search engine marketing

I developed my skills in search engine marketing back in the years when I was working at a digital agency and developing my first side projects. Since then, I have refined it by working with top-notch SEO consultants. And I have implemented my search engine marketing tactics through my work on e-commerce projects.

Email marketing

I’ve been running email marketing campaigns since the line between CRM and marketing automation solutions started to blur. I have worked on email marketing campaigns with the hospitality sector, local businesses, and various online media to build loyalty and a relationship with their audience.

Lead marketing

Converting prospects into customers through communication adapted to their stage in the decision-making process is an expertise that I have developed through a “test and learn” approach. I have worked on lead generation with startups (apps), entrepreneurs (coaching programs, books), and e-learning platforms.

No-code & Low-code development

For more than 7 years, I have been assisting professionals in implementing solutions that facilitate the deployment of mobile & web apps or enable workflow automation. Saving dev teams hours of coding or removing the necessity for small business owners to hire software developers.

Data protection

Big data is transforming how organizations do business. But it also comes with extra responsibilities that marketing teams rarely fully understand, tools and practices that legal teams never have a handle on. My expertise brings marketing and law together to improve the way customer data is collected and used and to comply with regulations like GDPR.

Project management

Project management is the cornerstone of many successful ventures I have been a part of. And the diversity of goals and methodologies I have encountered in my career allows me to adapt quickly to each context to achieve the desired results within the agreed-upon time-frame.

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I successfully passed several certifications attesting to my professional knowledge and skills.

MOOC on Cybersecurity

MOOC on Data Protection & GDPR

Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Sales Development

Analytics IQ, Ads Video, Ads Search

Monetization, Channel Growth, Content Ownership

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They talk about me

Among the people who can tell you the most about my work are my past clients and partners. And I pride myself on being very transparent about my realizations.

Cyril K. – CEO of a Digital agency
“Max is a professional you can trust one hundred percent! It is not easy to find a profile like his own that is so serious, didactic, and whose actions are really well thought out. Words and actions that go with it, I can only recommend that you work with Max!”

Anita O. – CEO of a Coaching business
“Max has been able to reassure us and support our first steps. We appreciate his attentive and active listening, helpful recommendations, and expert advice.”

Lilian R. – CEO of an Internet company
“Working with Max is a real pleasure. Always professional and responsive! I strongly recommend that you trust him for your projects!”

Sabine S. – Coordinator at a Public Administrative Institution
“We were very much satisfied with the work done by Max. He is a person who has been very professional and attentive to us and our project.”

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