About me

Blogger, marketer, and entrepreneur: each of my experiences for more than a decade is reflecting the person I am. Always keen to tackle new challenges and bring something unique to the fields in which I thrive…

Tech blogger

In 2005, as an avid reader of tech news and observing participant of the internet post-dot-com bubble, I decided to write my own articles to share my views and experience with a community counting many other enthusiasts. Gaining popularity, I developed many partnerships and digital marketing operations with some brands (sponsored posts, sponsored contests, display advertising).

Digital marketer & teacher

In 2009, I became the first Digital marketer of Actinium, an independent marketing agency in Alsace, France. I was responsible for all content marketing and social media operations. At that time, Facebook was ‘only’ 150 million members and 5 years old, social media platforms were a new field of experimentation for brands.

After 18 months during which I learned everything I could possibly know about social media marketing, I decided to work as a social media consultant for my own clients in France and abroad. My expertise in social media marketing was a strong asset for brands and I had the privilege to work with great firms. I also taught digital marketing for a total of 400 hours in business schools and universities, including the University of Strasbourg, the University of Upper-Alsace, the EM Strasbourg School, the ISEG Business School, the IUT Robert Schuman and the IUT of Haguenau.

Digital entrepreneur

In my early thirties, after a decade of digital marketing, I moved to Kyiv to create a new company related to my long experience of freelance work, freelance marketplaces, and my will to bring new solutions to the marketing industry. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm for this new journey…

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