About me

A look at the person I am, my work ethic, technical expertise, and more.

Photo of Max Schleiffer
Max Schleiffer – Credits: Sanasha Chan

Who I am

My name is Max. I am in my thirties, married, and happy.

I am from Western Europe, more precisely one of the few regions where three countries meet: Switzerland, Germany, and France, where I was born.

A digital nomad at one time, I visited 30 countries before settling in Kyiv. I stayed in Ukraine for four years, until February 2022 and its invasion by Russia.

For nearly 15 years, I have been immersed in the world of new technologies and digital marketing, for which I feel a strong enthusiasm while taking a critical look at it.

To me, digital marketing is an essential tool for ambitious project owners. And I am committed to helping them make the most of it.

I have been an independent consultant for ten years, and I enjoy helping businesses, associations, or institutions develop their visibility, awareness, and engagement.

At the same time, I lead various entrepreneurial and associative projects, which allow me to respond to specific issues in the field of my profession.

Outside of work, I have many passions and interests: I play music – I started with piano and drums when I was a kid. I have been powerlifting for 17 years. I am also keen on history and socioeconomic sciences.

Besides that, I live car-free, work remotely, and consume locally as much as possible.

My work ethic

Over time, I feel the difference between two great professionals is the work ethic they demonstrate daily.

For example, my clients often praise my mentoring skills, thoroughness, consistency, and capacity to build great remote collaborations.

Above all, sustainability is part of my professional DNA. A few years back, I realized marketing should not be done at the expense of the environment. Since then, I have aligned my actions with sobriety and degrowth objectives. A point that my clients and partners share.

Equally embedded in my business routine: data hosting on a sovereign cloud, encrypted communications, and SLAs.

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My expertise

Content marketing

I have solid expertise in creating and delivering relevant content to attract and retain clearly defined audiences. I have worked in content marketing for most of my career. My most significant projects have been developed for or with digital agencies, e-commerce, and post-secondary education.

Social media marketing

Building brand awareness by connecting with a target audience and managing its e-reputation among a specific community is one of the first expertise I developed. I have worked on social media campaigns with digital agencies, startups, e-commerce, local institutions, brick-and-mortar business, and restaurants.

Search engine marketing

I developed my skills in search engine marketing back in the years when I was working at a digital agency and developing my first side projects. Since then, I have refined it by working with top-notch SEO consultants. And I have implemented my search engine marketing tactics through my work on e-commerce projects.

Email marketing

I’ve been running email marketing campaigns since the line between CRM and marketing automation solutions started to blur. I have worked on email marketing campaigns with the hospitality sector, local businesses, and various online media, to build loyalty and a relationship with their audience.

Lead marketing

Converting prospects into customers through communication adapted to their stage in the decision-making process is an expertise that I have developed throughout a “test and learn” approach. I have worked on lead generation with startups (apps), entrepreneurs (coaching programs, books), and e-learning platforms.

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My certifications

I successfully passed several certifications attesting to my professional knowledge and skills.

MOOC on Cybersecurity

MOOC on Data Protection & GDPR

Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Sales Development

Digital Sales, Ads Search, Ads Video, Analytics IQ

Monetization, Channel Growth, Content Ownership

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What people say about me

Among the people who can tell you the most about my work are my past clients and partners. And I pride myself on being very transparent about my past work.

Cyril K. – CEO of a Digital agency
“Max is a professional you can trust one hundred percent! It is not easy to find a profile like his own that is so serious, didactic, and whose actions are really well thought out. Words and actions that go with it, I can only recommend that you work with Max!”

Anita O. – CEO of a Coaching business
“Max has been able to reassure us and support our first steps. We appreciate his attentive and active listening, helpful recommendations, and expert advice.”

Lilian R. – CEO of an Internet company
“Working with Max is a real pleasure. Always professional and responsive! I strongly recommend that you trust him for your projects!”

Sabine S. – Coordinator at a Public Administrative Institution
“We were very much satisfied with the work done by Max. He is a person who has been very professional and attentive to us and our project.”

Contact me to learn more about my former clients and partners.