Hi, I am Max

I am a French digital marketing specialist. Don’t know me yet? Here are a few things that characterize me…

For as long as I can remember, I had a soft spot for all things digital. 

My earliest memories go back to the 1990s. Google did not exist yet, people were “surfing the web” with a slow connection, and you could not do as many things as you can today. But I was already fascinated.

My first web projects coincided with the rise of Web 2.0. 

When social media platforms appeared, I discovered their possibilities, and learned to make the most of them: becoming a content creator, using social media to recruit, organize events, and gather online communities. I wasn’t a marketing guru, just someone with some intuition and free time, parallel to my studies. It was about to become the next big thing, and marketing would never be the same again.

Being a freelancer for +10 years enabled me to explore my field further.

After a few years in a digital agency as a social media manager, I started sharing my services on a broader spectrum with my very own clients and (not long after) teaching younger audiences in universities and business schools.

As a digital marketing optimization & creative process outsourcing consultant for SMEs, startups, and institutions, I helped improve digital marketing strategies on various channels such as social media, search, and email; their overall implementation with specific processes and tools; built and trained creative teams to manage it.

Remote worker & digital nomad, I worked everywhere in Europe.

Remote work advocate since my beginnings as a freelancer and a digital nomad for 2 years, I have worked in many different and sometimes extraordinary places. If my journey has mainly brought me to European capitals, I most recently spent 4 years in Kyiv until the events of the war in Ukraine and the return to my native land.

What drives me every day is the desire to make a difference.

My interest goes beyond my work as a digital marketing specialist, leading me for ten years already to carry out personal projects of associations, research, or entrepreneurship that impact my field or my community. At a moment when more challenges than ever lie ahead, I measure how far we have come and how far we still have to go, and I engage with my peers in that direction daily.

You can contact me or follow me on Twitter