I am Max. Technology enthusiast & Fractional CMO. Here are a few things that characterize me…

For as long as I can remember, I had a soft spot for digital. 

My earliest memories go back to the 1990s. Google did not exist; people were “surfing the web” on horribly slow, expensive and limited connections. You couldn’t do as many things as you can today. But I was already fascinated.

My first web projects coincided with the rise of Web 2.0. 

As social media came along, I discovered their many possibilities, and learned how to make the most of them, namely through the development of online communities. I wasn’t a marketing guru, just a young student with a keen interest in the paradigm shift it was introducing into the way we get information and exchange ideas. I couldn’t fathom the extent to which it would revolutionize the world of communication.

Providing my own services for has allowed me to build a unique value proposition.

After a few years as a social media manager at a digital agency, I began advising clients on a broader range of topics and teaching at universities and business schools.

I have been instrumental in the refinement of digital and sales strategies and the building of creative teams to execute them across Europe.

Remote worker & digital nomad, I worked everywhere in Europe.

As a remote worker since my early days – and a digital nomad for some time – I have worked in many different places. While my journey has mainly taken me to European capitals, I then spent 4 years in Kyiv until the war in Ukraine and the return to my native region in France.

What drives me every day is the desire to make a difference.

My passion for digital goes beyond my realizations and leads me to carry out associative, research or entrepreneurial projects that have a positive impact on their environment.

At a time when more challenges than ever lie ahead, I also want to use my blog as a platform to address issues that are often under-discussed or overlooked. Feel free to follow and join the discussion on social media.